Third-Party Escrow Platform

Working with a select group of international escrow partners, Consensus Group provides 100% legitimate, AML and KYC compliance-checked buyers and sellers, mediates the negotiation of trade details, oversees all legal documentation and guarantees buyer and seller protection via six blockchain confirmations.

Comprised of a team of industry veterans and adhering to strict regulatory guidelines throughout the transaction process, Consensus Group is a world leader in facilitating smooth, compliant high net worth cryptocurrency transactions, fully protected under jurisdictional law.


  1. Pre-Transaction : A Buyer or Seller wishes to transact a large quantity of cryptocurrency, preferring simultaneous settlement via an Escrow platform for precise size matching, protection against price slippage and professional, personal service (with peace of mind).
  2. Trade Engagement : Our Relationship Manager locates a willing Buyer or Seller and introduces them to the Escrow platform.
  3. Trade Execution : Escrow platform receives Buy and Sell Order Agreements, confirms all details are accurate and verifies receipt of all funds. Buy/Sell tickets are produced in Escrow platform format for processing by Technology and Operations staff.
  4. Settlement : Trades are completed by Technology and Operations experts, with simultaneous settlement of fiat and cryptocurrency, and a settlement confirmation issued from the Escrow platform.